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by | Aug 12, 2019 | Atmosphere, eLearning

To explain how HALIGHT makes the most of training with Sales Associates tight schedules, let’s take a look at a hypothetical example. 

Carl is a sales associate at a popular tech retailer. He’s on the sales floor, greeting customers, guiding them to a confident purchase, when suddenly he’s told, he must go to the backroom to do training. “I’ll get to it when I can,” he thinks, firmly believing he’ll have a lull in the day where there are no customers. 

But the store is packed! A new product came out in his department and everyone wants to know more about it. The deadline for training is coming up. Carl’s worried if he doesn’t get the training done on time, it will affect his next performance review, and he won’t have the knowledge to back up his sales pitch. But if Carl steps away from the sales floor to do 30 minutes of training, who’s going to help all these customers? 

What we see here is a double burden. Carl feels pressured to 1) take training to stay up to date on new products and features and 2) be on the sales floor to do what he does best… selling! On top of that, he is concerned about deadlines and performance reviews. Needless to say, Carl has some serious stress! 

At HALIGHT, we never want training to feel like another chore on the to-do list. We especially don’t want training to be a cause of employee stress or overwhelm. 

Let’s see how HALIGHT accommodates these busy employees. 

Get rid of the double burden stress. 

Bite-sized mobile training is one way that Carl can benefit from learning without stepping away from the sales floor. By introducing the store to mobile training, employees can take their learning anywhere. This means that Carl can take the training while on the sales floor. Limiting the training to a shorter duration of time (think Micro eLearning) means Carl can get through an entire module in between helping customers. 

A quick and concise mobile module can highlight a new product’s features, tech specs, FAQs, and other benefits. This way, Carl can learn about the new product and immediately relay relative information to customers when they have questions. 

No more Too Much Information 

But wait… how can a 30-minute module turn into a Micro training? Time efficiency. With our experts at HALIGHT, you’d be amazed at how we can concisely explain information and introduce interactive components to demonstrate the training in less time. 

In our training, we include only the necessary information. Too many topics in one module make it long and dull, and it can overwhelm our sales associate, Carl. Focusing on one clear topic for each module will keep the training clear and concise. By the end of the course, Carl should be able to remember all the key points of the training without feeling like he was presented with too much information. 

Go for the goal! 

Clear course objectives are another way that training can reduce stress. With course objectives, Carl knows exactly what’s expected of him. Also, measurable goals show employees like Carl that there’s value in the training other than a checkmark on the training to-do list.  When Carl successfully completes the training, he can feel proud of accomplishing these course objectives. 

Only a couple of course objectives are necessary. Like information, we don’t want too many objectives – it could feel intimidating to have to learn so much. HALIGHT designs training around these tailored course objectives. When we tell Carl that he should be able to “demonstrate” how the product works, we focus the training on the steps to use the product. This way, Carl will be able to learn how to achieve that course objective. 

In the end, we get a sales associate who can confidently demonstrate how to use the tech product to a potential customer. In this case, course objectives lead to a confident employee and sales! 

We believe that training should enhance the employee experience and help employees like Carl to become even better associates. Instead of using traditional training methods that can overwhelm the learner, let HALIGHT and our eLearning solutions help to motivate and educate your employees. Contact us today to learn more. 


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