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by | Sep 25, 2019 | Atmosphere, eLearning, Training Tips

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Games and gamification in eLearning can increase knowledge retention, learner engagement, and problem-solving. 

Unlock the features of gaming and gamification that turn your eLearning into an elevated experience for employees AND make the most out of your training investment. 

Level 1: Using Digital Platforms 

From Smart Boards to dedicated student iPads or Chromebooks to online resources, technology has conquered the educational realm already. Schools even use their own Learning Management Systems. These tech revolutions have been changing the game for a while now for many reasons. 

For one, technology connects learners to a wider source of information to assist their learning. Secondly, tech can use digital techniques to make it more engaging for learners – that means games and other interactive components. 

Not to mention that learners are more used to reading text on-screen over books and manuals in their own time. By bringing your training and education material to the digital world, you’re already gaining Experience Points XP points. But how do you make it even better for learners? 

Level 2: Game On 

Games promote memory, attention, and reasoning skills. They are also a great way that our human minds (i.e. social and dependent) can interact with new scenarios and practice their skills. (Stanford News) Games are interactive and enjoyable by nature, and the components that make them that way can be used for educational purposes, too! 

This means that learners can take the x feature to do y function to get z result. Whether x = a gamma-ray or a sales technique, the concept is the same. Simulation is a great way to encourage behavior changes. Learners can practice these skills in an environment where there are no real-world consequences. Think of a Role Playing Game (RPG) but for training your employees on how to effectively solve a problem or help a customer. 

Level 3: Rewarding the Top Players 

Gamified training can be used along with incentives to increase engagement. Games are great because they challenge the player. People who see a challenge and want to tackle it on their own should immediately gravitate toward games. But a little extra motivation doesn’t hurt. Just like in any game, you can use XP and leaderboards in your Learning Management System (LMS) to add competition and excitement. Sales Associates who complete training modules can use their XP to cash in on some rewards or unlock new features in the LMS. The possibilities are endless, and this is another reason why we love gamified experiences. 

At HALIGHT, we can simulate the features of games your employees already love with valuable information that will help them become the best associates possible. Ready? Let’s get started


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