Spice Up Your Virtual Learning Platform

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Atmosphere, Creative Studios, eLearning

Virtual Learning Platforms (VLP) are a great option for remote workers and incentive-based training solutions. Many learning platforms, including HALIGHT’s Atmosphere, give you tons of tools to incentivize and reward Sales Associates for a job well done. Here are a few ways you can spice things up in your virtual learning platform! 

Blended Learning 

VLPs have a variety of tools and custom solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs. The wide array of options enables you to train your employees in the way that best serves them. Since everyone has their own learning preferences, the blended learning approach helps satisfy everyone’s needs. Consider a mix of ‘face-to-face’ interactions (e.g. Virtual Instructor-Led Training) and self-paced eLearning modules.  

Virtual learning platforms support innovative tools to amp up training experiences. For example, HALIGHT delivers what we call a Product 360. These give learners a 360° view of a new product to have hands-on interaction while learning all about the exciting new features.  


This is a buzzword for a reason! Gamification is one of the best ways to increase learner engagement. It also gives you plenty of opportunities to ‘refresh’ your virtual learning platform with new ways to win, so Sales Associates continually check-in.  

With a virtual learning platform, you can get creative and spice things up with gamification. Give your learners the option to earn points for upping their communication skills, like commenting on forums and liking or responding to others’ posts. Learners can also earn badges for completing milestones, like hours logged in, course completions, and climbing leaderboards. Level up your learning and check out these gamification tips. 

Virtual Campaigns 

Virtual campaigns are like a virtual training event center. They house their suite of event-driven courses and rewards. Virtual campaigns can be a great option for brands that have just launched a load of new products and want an engaging way to promote them to their internal teams. They can also be themed; in which case you can use existing courses and refresh them for an exciting new experience. Reward and incentivize your learners to become experts in your brand through a virtual campaign. 

Virtual Worlds 

Ever dreamed of an interactive map of Middle Earth? Anything’s possible in a world of your own. Virtual worlds are a great way to promote training content in a themed and interactive map. Explore different regions of the map that house a variety of training modules, missions, and objectives. Kick things up a notch and refresh your content with themed storylines and narratives, written by HALIGHT’s talented content writing crew. Play on pop culture or create a world of your own with your brand’s vision in mind. 

Creating effective and innovative learning strategies in virtual learning platforms is what HALIGHT does best. Check out our virtual platform solutions to get started on your own or reach out to us with questions!  


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