5 Ways an LMS Should Boost Your Employees’ Careers

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Atmosphere, eLearning

Career pathing is just one of many ways corporations can save money and develop an exceptional group of talent. In a world with rapid turnover rates and increasing part-time and seasonal employment, it may seem infeasible to even consider employee career pathing. But designing an LMS that encourages employees and makes development more accessible is a strong way to encourage employee retention and loyalty. Here are a few ways you can do just that.    

Make it Do-Able 

Even when an employee is onboarding, they are hopefully already envisioning themselves in your company for an extended period. You’ve sold them on the company and its practices, but where will they go from here?  

Climbing the corporate ladder is doable, but it might seem like a distant dream for those just starting off. To encourage active goal-chasing, include accessible road-mapping materials in your LMS. Using roadmaps to success directly shows employees where they are now, what training they should take to get to the next level, and all the people they can talk to get there.  

With Atmosphere (HALIGHT’s gamified Learning Management System) you can get built-in Learning Paths for career planning, set required or elective training, offer continuing education, and control the pace and order of training. Turning the “dream” into a potential reality is the first step in making your employee’s goals achievable.   

Make it a Collaborative Experience 

While training is unique to the learner, it still takes a village to raise your employees professionally. It takes support, mentorship, and the learning materials required to succeed.  

Using your Learning Management System (LMS) as a platform to engage in collaboration means your learners are in constant connection with the people who can help them on their journey. Employees can use the LMS to chat with peers and mentors, view recommended training, get insight on the training others in the field took to get where they are now, and more.  

Social components make training for a new position less intimidating when the learner knows where to go when they need help. With HALIGHT, you can import your company’s organizational hierarchies right into the LMS to view reporting data and assign responsibilities. Not only does this provides help to trainees, but it also gives leaders more insight into where these enthusiastic employees are planning to go within the company.    

Make it Interesting 

If a trainee goes through all this work to learn as much as possible, it helps if the training itself isn’t chock-full of dry material. Using incentives, competitions, sweepstakes, and rewards motivates learners when their goal seems so far away. Learners are more likely to stay active in their career pathing and personal development if there are bonuses along the way and consistent recognition for their work.    

Make it a Constant Growing Experience 

Successful corporate climbing doesn’t come from random spurts of effort. Growth and development require consistent effort. That goes for employers too! Along with incentives, feedback gives your employee constant reassurance and motivation to excel. You can use feedback at the end of every training module (e.g. “Here are some things you can work on based on your results in this simulation activity.”).  

You can also view the employee’s activity on the LMS as a blueprint for their upcoming performance review. See in-depth metrics, view employee activity, use the data to predict trends and uncover knowledge gaps, and more with Atmosphere. With this valuable information, the leaders in your company can make even more informed decisions.   

Make it Accessible 

Get Sales Associates learning anytime and from anywhere! Using a mobile-ready platform that employees can access anytime – on the sales floor or on their commute to work – simply means more opportunities to develop their skills.  

Gamification, simulation, and other components turn your training into a more hands-on experience. Your employees don’t have to be at the job to learn from it. Developing job aids and Just in Time training also gives employees a chance to use quick information and best practices when and where they need it.   

When you have outstanding employees, you’ll want to develop their skills and elevate their talents to new heights! The more invested in the company they are, the better their vision of their future in the company will become. Designing an LMS that gives employees a voice in their career pathing, offers direction to promising employees, and makes materials to succeed more accessible are all ways to develop exceptional, long-lasting employees. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help.


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