Let Me Do It

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HALIGHT is proud of the design philosophy that structures our eLearning. Simply put: 

Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Do 

The simple phrase, “Let me do it” reminds us of a child when they find a new activity they want to enjoy. Take a new toy for example: if a child hasn’t seen this new gizmo before, they might look at it with uncertainty and try to figure it out by staring at it, afraid to do something to it and break it. When that doesn’t work, they might raise their gaze to their parent with a puzzled look. They want to see how they do it. 

“It’s just a gizmo, Jimmy,” the parent might say, to see if that makes any connection. “It uses a lever and button to do a really cool thing. Lots of kids your age are using this gizmo nowadays. It’s super fun!” When the child still doesn’t fully understand how it works or why it’s important, the parent will continue to give a demonstration: “Here. Watch me.” 

As soon as it clicks in the child’s brain, they extend their arms to take hold of the reigns. “Let me do it! Let me do it!” 

We are all like children when it comes to new material, fresh minds wanting to figure out the puzzle. But we are more complex now than we were as children. As more matured minds, we come to eLearning with varying levels of excitement. Be it because of lack of motivation, bias from pre-existing knowledge, or an intuitive fear of failure, many adult learners don’t approach learning the same way children do. The tried-and-true 3-step method eases learners into new materials. 

Learning in Action 

Tell me why this is important. I might have some pre-existing knowledge telling me that this new gizmo is going to be unsuccessful or that it isn’t worth selling to a customer because they’re just going to buy the cheaper model anyway. Prove me wrong. 

Okay, you’re telling me this gizmo is #1 in its category for its ability to evoke stress-relieving joy in 99.9% of all beta users. But how does it do that? I want to watch how this gizmo works and how it produces the results that you told me. 

Let me do that, too. I see that if you pull this lever and push this button at the same time, it does this fun thing, and that’s what makes it #1 in its category. Now, let me try. I want to see if it really works and if I can learn to master it. When I know how to use it, I can rave about it to my customers. Even if I can just learn through simulation without the gizmo in front of me, I can better understand how others can use it, too. When I have this skill under my belt, I can tell, show, and let the customer do the same thing my training taught me. 

HALIGHT engages Sales Associates, gets them excited about the information, demonstrates how important information is, and lets the learner play around in an environment where they are allowed to experiment.  

Using this method allows employees to feel comfortable with and empowered by their new knowledge before going into the field to demonstrate it – whether it be a new product to sell, a new service to execute, or a new system or process. Learning should evoke the inner child’s curiosity that is within all of us. 

So, if you’re interested in the “gizmos” HALIGHT creates, give us a call! We’d be more than happy to invite you to our playground of opportunities. 


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