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Let Me Do It

HALIGHT is proud of the design philosophy that structures our eLearning. Simply put:  Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Do  The simple phrase, “Let me do it” reminds us of a child when they find a new activity they want to enjoy. Take a...

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The eLearning Environment

Any coffee-drinking experience includes the atmosphere of the café it’s coming from. You wouldn’t go to the café with the cranky barista when you know the girl down the street always serves your coffee with a smile. Likewise, you choose...

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Designing Quality eLearning

The quality of eLearning content will determine its longevity. That is, whether learners will stick through the content and how likely they are to retain the learned information and apply it to their job. The key to designing quality...

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An eLearning Recipe for Engagement

If training becomes a boring task on the to-do list or worse – gasp! – a burden, then this could negatively impact the engagement of the learner, causing lower content completions, brand interactions and, well, sales.   Instead...

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How eLearning Gained Momentum

In 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced populations across the planet to adapt to unforeseen challenges in innovative and strategic ways. One area that experienced a major increase in momentum was the eLearning...

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Do You Have the HALIGHT Gene?

It takes a certain kind of person and set of values to be a true HALIGHTer. Some might say it’s even in our genes. Every person in the HALIGHT ecosystem shares the same core values to work as a team and approach scenarios with the same...

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