Trends and Tips to Elevate Training

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Training Tips

Allow us to break down some of the top trends you can expect to see in the training industry and how your handy HALIGHT team can help you bring these ideas to life for your organization and employees. We’ll uncover how HALIGHT is using these trends..  

Learning Experience Platform – LXP 

Have experience with an LMS? This is the time to step up the game to a Learning Experience Platform (LXP). LXPs build on the LMS platform with additional, modern features. An LXP is a more intuitive platform. Categorized like streaming services (think Netflix, Crave, etc.), users can more easily find relevant content. As well, users get custom recommendations for relevant training and curriculums based on the employee’s interests, just like the ‘Top Picks for You’ content on Netflix. 

LXPs also encourage self-paced training. This means employees can learn where and when they need. A holistic platform, the LXP combines the best features from multiple learning technologies. The great news is that HALIGHT has been employing the features and functionality of an LXP in our platforms for many years! 

What we’re doing 

HALIGHT has focused on a personalized learning environment with our clients since developing our first platform. Our learning platforms deliver the ability for dynamic navigation experiences. They also highlight and filter content to provide the most relevant experience possible. These features are integral to the design of our systems. 

Our focus is to continue to drive enhancements that improve learner experiences by creating greater choice over direction in the learning journey. Our systems are also constantly improving social interactions with peers, expanding the learning format, and designing integrations for learning outside of the software platform itself. 

Learner Analytics & Reporting 

Understand your Sales Associates better than ever before! Learner analysis and reports will reveal things like which training resonates best with learners and what drives them. They’ll also show which learners succeed the most, and what content is driving user performance improvement. Knowing more about your audiences will help you reach them in ways like never before. 

Sometimes the solution lies in the eLearning itself. Knowledge gaps and learner difficulties reveal how you can improve the content so it can better prepare learners. 

What we’re doing 

Traditional LMS reporting has always centered around completions, checklists, and percentages toward progress. At HALIGHT, we continue to review our reporting and analytics capabilities to improve on what we already do right. We provide insights that look beyond how a learner performed after the fact. Our analytics look at system and user trends to anticipate how to help them reach new goals faster and more efficiently. 

What does this mean for you? When using in-depth learner analytics, you’ll better understand your learner at a deeper level to give you a leg up on some other organizations. We know that better training results in better employees, better work performance, and better sales. This means you can gain a competitive edge by finding knowledge and skill gaps and plugging your employees into more specific training content that develops the best version of themselves. Take your training budget seriously by investing in analytics-supported approaches that resolve issues without guesswork. 

AR, VR, and MR for immersive eLearning 

AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) provide a virtual hands-on experience. Users can immerse themselves in otherworld scenarios that help them demonstrate their skills in a virtual environment. Whatever method you choose for an immersive approach, these simulated environments are not only fun and creative, but they are effective techniques for advancing your learner’s skills base. 

What we’re doing 

HALIGHT is working with these technologies to determine the best approach for applications in scenario-based training. The more advanced we become in this field, the more likely we can reduce training-related injuries, lessen the impact of mistakes in the learning process, and cut the overall training time. 

Better training ties to better work performance and overall company success. We want to help you make that possible with the up-and-coming trends you can expect to see more of. These trends offer a more intuitive and creative approach to the training your employees are used to seeing. HALIGHT delivers effective and impactful training to boost knowledge retention and overall employee engagement. Why settle for less when the technology of the future is available right now, at your fingertips? Visit our site to learn more! 


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