An eLearning Recipe for Engagement

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Training Tips

If training becomes a boring task on the to-do list or worse – gasp! – a burden, then this could negatively impact the engagement of the learner, causing lower content completions, brand interactions and, well, sales.  

Instead of frustrating employees, training can be an exciting way to empower them. And eLearning has all the right ingredients to do just that. 

As any great chef knows, quality ingredients mixed just right can really make a meal exciting.  Combine the quality ingredients of HALIGHT eLearning and you get the perfect recipe for an accessible and motivating training technique. 


1 cup of simulation 

eLearning isn’t real… not in the traditional sense at least. While the learner comes out with some “real-world” knowledge, the eLearning platform gives them a place to learn these things without affecting the real world. For instance, learners can play a simulated game where they must use ingredients in a coffee bar to create a specific drink. They should click on the right roast, decide if they need foamed milk, and choose from a range of toppings and mixes. This simulated technique gives them a chance to play around with these ingredients to learn the recipes they need to know for the job. The best part? This is a mess-free solution that doesn’t result in an angry customer if they get the recipe wrong. But the effects of hands-on learning are just as real! It’s kind of the best of both worlds if we do say so ourselves. 

2 Tbsp of interactivity 

Like simulation, other interactive components can give learners a very direct and hands-on approach to learning. Interactivity makes any eLearning more enjoyable, including actions as basic as a click can bring Sales Associates attention right back to the training. The more interactive, the more captivating! 

Add a pinch of spice to taste 

The sky (or the Cloud) is the limit for eLearning. Designed as an extremely customizable experience, your eLearning is really what you make it. Check out one of our past blogs on designing eLearning for the diverse employees you might hire. A quality training module can speak to a lot of different types of people. This means you’ll get the flexibility to design training that engages more confident employees. A crowd-pleasing treat? We can help you make it! 


Simmer until ready 

There’s no need to rush through training or get things done before the bell rings. eLearning gives Sales Associates the chance to take it s-l-o-w. eLearning can come in bite-sized modules, something learners can complete within 5 minutes or less. But the beauty of it is… they don’t need to! This pressure-free solution means learners won’t rush through the module or skip over important information. They can relax and take the time they need to accomplish what they want. 

Set the table so EVERYONE can reach 

eLearning doesn’t play hard to get. It’s easy to access for those with varying limitations. There’s no need for learning to be so hard to get! eLearning puts education right into Sales Associate’s hands, when and where they need it. This also goes for any sort of physical limitation or people who flat out don’t have the time to go all the way to a new city to get work-based training. This saves your company some mileage and your employees a ton of unnecessary stress. 

And of course, don’t forget the salt. HALIGHT can help you achieve all of this by creating training to ease any boredom and create training that promotes engagement. If you’re interested in ways you can create training that motivates and empowers employees, feel free to get in touch with us! 


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