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by | Aug 26, 2021 | Creative Studios

Any coffee-drinking experience includes the atmosphere of the café it’s coming from. You wouldn’t go to the café with the cranky barista when you know the girl down the street always serves your coffee with a smile. Likewise, you choose an environment that fits your personality, music taste, and interior design style. These factor into the enjoyment of the coffee as a whole experience. 

So, if you’re choosing your cafés carefully, why wouldn’t you do the same for your Learning Management System (LMS)? 

HALIGHT creates tailored LMSs made for an organization’s unique needs, personality, and learners. Every organization has a story to tell, and we create the platform for that voice to come through exactly the way you want. When talking about configurability, we mean to say we are flexible and dynamic, ever-evolving with the new stories and atmospheres companies share. 

No growing business is a static arrangement of people, and no organization has one specific way to captivate each learner. This is why our LMS environment, like the beloved local café, is a go-to for great content and an engaging experience. 

By personalizing your LMS, learners feel connected to a company with a strong sense of character. Branding is a huge component of identification, but the voice, interactions, and features supported by the LMS are also key factors to telling your story your way. 

Our LMS features are extensive and flexible to your specific taste. No one café looks the same. However, people will recognize a Starbucks from a Dunkin’ Donuts because of their company identities and how that reflects in their environments. 

Custom interactions within the LMS systems are vital to creating the environment, engaging learners, and promoting new training courses. Associates invest in interactive solutions like incentive programs, contests, and communication boards. Think of the coffee shop that gives free coffee after the purchase of 7 cups. Doesn’t that sound better than a café with no rewards? 

Not only that, but the menu targets a specific customer profile like any successful business. The “menu” on your LMS is the training content that you offer to your learners. Custom training directs learners to perform a specific role or have a unique skill set. Increased interest motivates learners to consume content and offer suggestions for improvements. This way you’ll always know what’s hitting the sweet spot with learners. 

Whether you’re enthralled by a sleek and modern coffee bar with a ton of rewards programs, or you rely on the quiet, heads-down coffee shop with soft focus music, an LMS from HALIGHT creates your place to tell your story. 

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