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by | Jan 2, 2019 | HALIGHT

The New Year is upon us! As we look forward to the changes we seek to make in 2020, we also want to share our roots and the core values we keep with us in times of change. Read our origins story to find out how HALIGHT became…well, HALIGHT! 

What’s in a Name? 

The name HALIGHT derives from the term Halite – the natural rock form of salt found in large underground beds. Many North American cities rest above enormous halite deposits, including humble Windsor, Ontario. 

Although it comes from simple origins, the mineral of halite has had a remarkable impact on the development of modern human society. Halite has established agricultural societies, domesticated livestock, the first state industry and monopoly, and trade routes. 

At HALIGHT we strive to embody the principles of this fundamental mineral. HALIGHT, like its namesake, is affordable, is easy to work with, provides a solid foundation, and adds flavor to enhance the experience. 


Salt acted as a form of currency for many parts of the world throughout history. Marco Polo identified salt molded into a coin when visiting the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century. But even before then, salt acted as a form of currency in ancient cultures. The Latin word for salt is how we eventually got the term “Salary”. 

While we respect currency as a demonstration of wealth and prosperity, we also recognize it as something that has value. Salt became a mineral required to perform rituals in Ancient Egypt. The Bible recognizes salt as a symbol of wisdom, incorruptibility, and eternity. Its preservative qualities are an excellent basis to inspire determination, solidity, and steadfastness. 

Also, salt is an affordable and popular seasoning. It’s a staple product in many houses, offered to dear friends and family who join at the table. These are all characteristics of who we aspire to be. Surrounded by community, sharing what we value, providing consultation and wisdom, and remaining determined. 

Small Yet Mighty 

While it may seem like a small subject, even the smallest grains of salt have contributed to great things. When such a small thing is valued and shared, we can do wonders with it. As a local example, The Windsor Salt Company Limited formed its roots in 1893. Based in Windsor, Ontario, this company grew to be Canada’s largest salt manufacturer. We expect greatness in the “big cities” and places of general influence. But greatness can be born and raised anywhere. Inspired by our local roots, we are determined to become industry leaders of our own. 

It all starts with a pinch of salt. Connect with us to learn more about the products and services we offer, and the places where we plan to go. Are you committed to a future of growth? Whatever that means to you, let us help you get there with cutting-edge training that inspires and engages learners at every level. 

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