Do You Have the HALIGHT Gene?

by | Mar 26, 2021 | HALIGHT

It takes a certain kind of person and set of values to be a true HALIGHTer. Some might say it’s even in our genes. Every person in the HALIGHT ecosystem shares the same core values to work as a team and approach scenarios with the same end goals. Our mission? Connecting people, process, and product through meaningful, interactive learning solutions. Our vision? To inspire, develop, and drive the future of workforce engagement. 

If you’ve got the HALIGHT gene, you probably have an itch for ideation, a push for progress, and thrive in fast-paced, evolving environments. Here’s the ultimate list of what it means to be a true HALIGHTer. 


Trust only comes through honesty and transparency. We’ve set integrity, both in words and actions, as a pillar of our standards. What does this mean? It means transparency with each other: owning up to our mistakes, celebrating successes, and sharing our honest constructive input. It also means transparency with our clients. We are in it to win it, and as such, we want to be open and honest about the direction we’re taking so we can enjoy that journey together. 


We think on a really big scale. It’s important for us to keep pushing forward in the industry, to challenge ourselves and reach higher limits. Innovation is the name of the game, and we like to play in the Big Leagues! We deliver learning software that works, and we take that seriously. Our teams overcome obstacles, solve problems, and deliver exceptional experiences. This isn’t just about pushing our company, either. We want to push all our teammates to reach their personal best. There’s always more to accomplish when you have a full team of supportive HALIGHTers to back you up! 


Reliability and consistent design are critical to our success. Our focus is always on being a premier provider for our clients and employees. Our collaborative and original ideas are what help us continuously develop quality training solutions. We expect everyone to imagine creative solutions and to share them with our teams. From innovative new solutions to new ways of connecting with clients to more dynamic software development approaches, our teams work together to make magic happen! 


Training is what we do best, and that drive pushes us to improve every day. Continuous improvement requires continuous learning about the industry and our clients. Not only are we future-focused and innovative in the industry, but we also like to enjoy the process of developing award-winning training and platforms as an award-winning company! We started as a small start-up, driven to create something new. Some things will never change no matter how large we grow! 


Communication and team-playing skills are key here! Ever played rugby? Sometimes we work like that… minus all the tackling. Our unique design and development processes mean we pass the ball from player to player across multiple internal teams. Genuine conversations are where custom solutions start. Building trust and partnerships enables us to maintain an open dialogue about challenges and opportunities. Getting to know your office neighbor, the person across the building, and our client partners alike are values we share at HALIGHT. 

Think you have the HALIGHT gene? Take a look at our career opportunities. We’re always on the lookout for great candidates!


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