A Sweeter Brew for the Lukewarm Learner

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Creative Studios

Coffee is an acquired taste, for sure. Some prefer to sweeten their drink enough to disguise the coffee taste while still getting the much-needed hit of caffeine. HALIGHT understands this concept. On any given day, a learner can feel unmotivated to engage in online training. Here’s how we sweeten up the learning process to create engaging content and to motivate learners. 

We have a number of ways to make eLearning content relevant, digestible, and relatable to the learner. How exactly do we execute that engagement? 

Well, we won’t spill the beans on our secret recipe, but we have tried and true ways to increase learner engagement through gamification and increased interactivity. We have a custom library of interactive components to choose from that are flexible to specific course content. 

Right now, it is the perfect time to focus on the learner’s experience! Think about it like this: someone goes to a café and orders a coffee suggested by the barista. If the barista doesn’t listen to the customer’s desired taste, the customer will end up with a coffee they don’t like. The customer is then unlikely to come back. Not only did they not enjoy the experience of drinking the coffee, but they also felt a distrust of the barista who didn’t actively listen to their preferences. 

HALIGHT prioritizes the learner in the creation process. Better course reception increases the likelihood of their future activity in the LMS. Delivering better training in an enjoyable manner increases retention over a longer amount of time. 

Why does this matter? Simply put, better training leads to better employees. Imagine better sales because sales associates can effectively recommend the right item to the right customer with confidence in their product knowledge. Or, think of human resource managers who know where to access additional resources and how to respond to every presented situation. 

Your eLearning doesn’t have to feel like a grind, just like a coffee drink doesn’t have to taste like coffee. Let HALIGHT help you create flexible, custom-made, and entertaining educational courses to develop great sales associates. 

Give us a call to discuss what exactly your organization needs and how we can implement engaging content to create a more effective learning experience. 


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