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Finito! 2022 has ended, and we want to celebrate a great year of reconnecting and growing. It was an opportunity to rediscover who we are and envision the future.  

As we slowly transition back to face-to-face interactions, many changes from the pandemic have come to stay.  We would like to recognize the impressive ways our team and our customers have adjusted with creativity in the face of change, we are excited to celebrate the ways we have reached new heights and bring our relationships even closer together. 

After more than 20 years in the market HALIGHT has become an expert in permanently adapting to our clients’ ever-changing needs, to remain a leader in the field. 

New Solutions 

The past couple of years saw a dramatic shift in the way organizations approached their learning and development goals, with virtual training events becoming far more popular. It also changed our view on how to enhance Sales Associates’ engagement when training, bringing to life our 2 latest solutions: BA360 and Salt.  


By analyzing our users’ behavior, we learned that organic interactions have a huge influence on creating and sustaining Sales Associate’s mindshare. Connecting to one another, checking new resources, or even changing their avatar are all signals of engagement. Every minute they are spending on the platform is time they are choosing to spend with the brand.  

To sustain engagement, solutions must consider 5 criteria: they must be simple, consistent, build community, be novel, and exclusive.  When applied strategically, each element captures and sustains employees’ attention in a unique way. Together, these criteria create a framework for building and maintaining long-term engaged Brand Influencers.That’s how BA360 was born: a full suite of comprehensive and configurable brand advocacy training solutions that activate the engagement criteria necessary to capture sales associate mindshare and drive retail sales. Each solution advances the process of informing, motivating, and supporting in-store product sales. 

Terra Atmosphere Content Salt Operational Support 
Immersive Training Experiences Gamified Learning Community Essential Product Knowledge Personalized Upskilling System & User Management 
Excel brand interaction, create innovative learning experiences, generate excitement maximize engagement, and develop community with digital, hybrid, and in-person events. Transfer product knowledge, encourage content completion, and increase brand interactions with a gamified learning management system. Optimize sales floor conversations with bite-sized, captivating, relevant, and easy-to-apply training courses and product content. Create motivated, personable, and effective sales associates with goal setting, selling, and soft skills content and community activities. Support engaged learning communities and successful training experiences with system administrators and community managers. 

While solutions can be used in isolation, together they create a complete and optimal engagement ecosystem for building and supporting long-term Brand Influencers. 


Salt is HALIGHT’s proprietary personalized upskilling content and the newest addition to our Brand Advocacy 360 ecosystem. Salt develops retail sales associates’ sales capabilities and capacities through short lessons, immediately applicable practices, and community discussion.  

Salt was created to drive user engagement and retention. It does this by filling in gaps between the release of product knowledge content. Working to activate retail sales associates’ intrinsic motivation to better themselves so they can achieve their big-picture goals in work and life. 

Salt content is built in Atmosphere’s rapid authoring tool and deployed via Atmosphere’s Mission feature, to bring out the flavor in Sales Associates! 

Building Relationships 

Over 2022, we focused on building strong, enduring relationships ready for growth with our clients. We also formed new bonds with new partners. Our expertise in recognizing and adapting to our customers’ needs is pivotal as we progress in this ever-changing landscape together. 

We are eager to continue collaborating and thriving with our partners in 2023! 


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