Does Your Workplace Look Like Ours?

At HALIGHT, we’ve developed a work style and culture that fits our industry and teams.  We work in the office when we can, collaborating on client projects, but have the organizational freedom to work remotely when it makes sense.  This requires that we train our employees in a way that meets them when and where they are able to learn.  But what if your organization doesn’t have the same structure?

That’s normal!  Each business, industry, and organization has an approach that is unique to their circumstances and demands.  With increasing technology and globalization in the modern workforce, the dynamics of work are ever-evolving, too.  eLearning can contribute to the flexibility and growth of your organization. It gives you the tools necessary to work and grow the way you need to.

Here are some ways customized eLearning can accommodate your unique organization.

Remote Learning

Some companies encourage flexible work hours, working from home, and even international locations. These companies require more virtual simulation to get the same benefit of an in-person training experience without the expenses of sending instructors around the world. eLearning can have more interactive components, including situations and scenarios to illustrate something they may encounter when they perform their role on the road or in the office.

Internal Workplace Hierarchies

Companies vary in their company structure. In some cases, employees work directly beside their leader in the workplace to learn the ropes or new procedures with additional training added on the side. Other times, employees work away from the supervisor’s location and are required to manage more of their own learning. In either of these cases, we develop eLearning to either enhance or compensate for in-person training. The transition to eLearning is moving rapidly, and companies are finding exceptional value in the use of eLearning as a replacement for in-person training. This can seem daunting to many organizations as it challenges traditional training norms.  However, the right eLearning should address the same material. A series of self-paced learning courses in an eLearning curriculum can address the same broader topics of multiple classroom days.


Our work environments differ based on the work we do. Retail sales associates and on-the-go employees benefit from a mobile learning platform. Micro, bite-sized content can train employees in between customer interactions or jobs. The beauty of eLearning is that it doesn’t have to be restricted by geography.  Employees gain access to the materials they need to succeed in their role when and where they need it.

Whatever your workplace aims to accomplish, the learning opportunities are endless with eLearning. eLearning remedies many of the hurdles traditional training faces. To learn more, visit our social media pages for more updates on how our company operates and the ways our eLearning can benefit your unique organization.


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