2019 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List

We are proud to announce yet another victory! Thank you to Training Industry Inc. for naming HALIGHT on their 2019 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List.

Training Industry Inc. presents resources to support corporate training leaders. They also provide guidance and refer vendors to training professionals. They help companies seeking to source or to create partnerships with these training providers, such as HALIGHT.

According to Danielle Draewell, market research analyst at Training Industry, Inc., “Our 2019 Learning Portal/LMS Watch List companies are a source of innovation in the learning technologies market. Many of these organizations are using advanced strategies… to transform the way learners interact with the platform and to better understand the data the system generates about their users.”

Additionally, HALIGHT has been growing our team, outreach, and the impact our solutions have on learners and companies. Thank you to our team for powering those initiatives.

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