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Tips for My Retail Training: 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of It

Until June 30th, HALIGHT Is offering My Retail Training FREE to any organization with a retail presence. Learn more about My Retail Training here! To get the most out of your experience, check out the tips for My Retail Training below!  

Tip #1: Put it all on the table  

Get learners excited and engaged with your training content. Whether it’s a new product, service, or process, there are interesting ways to show learners just how to use them! The sky’s the limit in ways to present your training content. Upload your original content on My Retail Training to let retail sales associates know what they’ll need to recommend your products to customers. Need some ideas? HALIGHT crafts innovative, engaging training to help you bridge the knowledge gap. It’s the name of our game! We can help you develop new, unique content to keep learners engaged and inspired.  

Tip #2: Shout it from the rooftops 

Now that you’ve got the goods, how do you tell the My Retail Training world? Send push notifications to let MRT learners know when new training content is available right away, host banners to spread the word in eye-catching promotions on the home screen, incentivize training with contests and giveaways, and interact with sales associates in the community forum. 

Tip #3: Cha-ching! Jackpot!  

Think of the ways to get repeat customers: great products and great reward programs. The same is true for repeat learners! Thank learners for taking training with incentives that speak to them. Offer sweepstakes for a chance to win your product, use competitions to boost morale, or reward users with points and badges for your newest training! Learners get everything they need to sell from your training content… with a little bit extra!  

Tip #4: You’re on a roll!  

Custom curriculums are another way to make sure your learners stay up to speed with your latest and greatest. Create a series of video trainings, break down large info into bite-sized modules, or get your learners in-the-know on an entire category. Whatever your end-goal is, you can achieve it with curriculums.  

Tip #5: Stay in Touch  

Connect with, respond to, and engage the My Retail Training community. Read forums to see what learners are saying about your training and interact with sales associates directly. Take advantage of the awesome reports to spot trends, view completion and success rates, and get a better overall look at learner dynamics. Best of all, share your experience with My Retail Training on social media to share what you know with other vendors, see how others are benefiting from the platform, and invite and connect with more learners!  

My Retail Training is an incentive-based platform that’s jam-packed with features to keep learners engaged and inspired. Like any experience, My Retail Training is what you make it! Hopefully, this list gives you some tips for My Retail Training that will help you succeed in your new venture. Develop a strong workforce in a tight-knit community of learners and other retail vendors. Find out more on our website!  


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