Terra Events: Connecting in the New World

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us are thinking of the relationships in our lives. Whether we share a love of cooking with a parent, enjoy routine movie nights with friends, or have found our twin flame, we have activities and places that bring our loved ones together. This, in a nutshell, has inspired how we developed Terra Events. Terra is a place to make connections and foster long-lasting relationships all in one event platform.

Initial Sparks in Relationships

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines serendipity as “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”. This is how many movies begin. It could be an unanticipated introduction that leads to true love. Or a highly experienced agent gains a new partner and together, they defeat crime like no other duo. We’ve seen these stories time and time again. The common thread is serendipity.

Serendipity also takes the shape of creating new connections in the real world. When an organization plans a live conference to bring their global teams together at one event, they cross training and networking to build stronger and more capable teams. At these events, people within the organization, who may never have had a chance to meet before, may find common interests and build new networks. Likewise, connections already established prior the event may deepen through like-mindedness and shared goals.

Finding Serendipity Virtually

We recognized that this wonderful moment of serendipity was lost when event platforms transitioned to a virtual-only world. Without actually ‘bumping into someone’ in a live setting, attendees were losing out on making new connections and deepening relationships. In essence, the most enjoyable part of conferences was lost when conferences moved to the virtual world. And, to put it lightly, we felt a little heartbroken.

To mend our wounded hearts, we decided to create our own virtual events platform with the mission of bringing spark and serendipity back! There are a few ways we recreated this interaction on Terra, but first, we had to answer the following questions:

  1. How can we simulate the experience of walking into a room and knowing that everyone you see there is interested in the same topics as you?
  2. How can we start conversations with new people without relying on disingenuous or off-putting methods of communication?

To sum things up, we wanted to make our virtual event platform feel more personal, less random, and less cold. Here’s how we did it.

New Connections in a New World

COVID-19 aside, technology has equipped us with a variety of ways to connect to new people without ever meeting them in real life! Some have found long-lasting friendships through a forum about their shared interest. Others have had successful relationships and met their partner on a dating app. The internet has taken the world by storm, but it’s also provided little umbrellas for groups to gather under one commonality.

Because of this, we knew interests were an important thing for all attendees to highlight. On Terra, users can add to their Interests section and personalize their public profile. Other users can view their profile and get a sense of who they are. You can tell a lot about a person from an online profile. That’s why there are dating experts who help craft online profiles for their clients. There are also ways of endorsing others’ skills they share on professional networking platforms. These bios are a great way to start a conversation with someone you haven’t met before or deepening connections through shared goals and work history.

The First Step

Pickup lines generally don’t work. Just like direct messages may send the wrong signal. We wanted to give attendees a first step that wouldn’t come off as intrusive or random. Taking inspiration from the most used social media platforms, we knew a simple connection request could go a long way in building a positive conversation on the right step.

Find someone who has the same interests as you, send a request, then start connecting on your shared experiences! Mutual connections can also be made with like-minded people, so your network can grow and so can your relationships.

The Future of Fostering Relationships Virtually

Now more than ever, we know virtual exchanges are never going to fully replace real-world interactions. A video call with grandma isn’t going to replace being seated in her home and eating her fresh cookies. It’s just not. But while we know this as a fact, we also know that virtual events are an incredible asset. Terra can substitute live events during times when meeting at a live conference just isn’t possible. Even after pandemic-related restrictions lift, live conferences are expensive to host and Terra can offer a more feasible solution. It can also supplement live events as a complementary app to enhance the live experience. As we continue with those goals in mind, we know the virtual events industry has so much room to grow, and we want to be there growing with it.

We created Terra with the mission to ground virtual events with personal connections and serendipitous interactions. That means giving attendees a platform to grow their roots and build deeper, long-standing relationships.  

This also transfers to how we see our relationships with our clients. Many of these connections start serendipitously. Then they transform into something totally unique and inspiring that lasts for years and decades. When thinking of your relationships this week, consider how valuable work relationships are in your life. We want to work together to harbour a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship with you, so let’s do that together with Terra.   


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