Science Fiction or Reality? Creating the Future Now

We all know fiction as the “fake” stories, the ones where we let our imaginations run free to create exciting adventures, perfect fairytales, and bizarre inventions. Science fiction was popularized by series like Star Wars and Star Trek, but its origins stem from long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

People of all ages and eras have been fascinated by new innovations. They are curious about new ways of using technology to advance our lifestyles and add convenience. Who wouldn’t want their own C3PO to help them communicate in over 6 million languages? Or a Babel Fish to translate another’s speech in real-time? As time goes on though, what once was only fiction are now becoming realities.

It’s no different in the eLearning world, either. As advocates for innovative training, we’re looking to make the science fiction of today a reality. Keep reading to learn how these Sci-Fi approaches can benefit your team, your business, and your budgets!


I think we can all agree that the Science Fiction genre has brought about some amazing stories and storytellers. From Mary Shelley to Ray Bradbury, these narratives offer more opportunities to create beyond our day-to-day world. Using interesting inventions and even made-up languages (Klingon, anybody?), these other worlds contextualize information in a new and creative way. Storytelling brings the learner along through a new scenario full of missions. Learners get a direct answer to “why” they’re completing the eLearning. Often, we use objectives to solidify their measurable learning outcomes, but these storytelling initiatives give users a tangible “quest” to fulfill. Storytelling also brings creative elements to the forefront, so users are fully immersed and engaged the whole way through. By connecting the learning material to an interesting plot and inventions, learners will also benefit from remembering that information more, as they would any great story.

Sci-Fi Inventions

The Babel Fish is a concept that was invented in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Now, we see that creative minds have turned this fiction into reality. What else has Sci-Fi brought to our real world? Things like Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and seamless connection to a virtually limitless source of information (i.e. IoT). In eLearning, VR offers simulated first-hand experiences that promote knowledge retention and reduce liabilities. AI delivers customized learning experiences within learning platforms and motivates learners through incentivized curriculums. And, we use Just in Time training and other modalities to connect learners to all the information they need related to a service or product, so learners (and customers) can get answers to their questions in just a couple of taps on a phone screen.

Inviting the Future to the Present

The main objective for the Sci-Fi genre, and the reason so many follow it, is a focus on futuristic elements and the possibilities of new tech. This forward-focused thinking has inspired avid fans and ambitious minds to innovate. It takes one idea to spark a movement, and Sci-Fi is a genre that explores the endless possibilities of what could be. Reach for the stars… literally. Here at HALIGHT, we do the same. Always working towards the next big thing, we strive for personal development and innovative thinking. Not only do we strive for it, but we also achieve it. Just like the Babel Fish, we are creating what we once thought was unbelievable. We are designing our future today.

Want to learn more about how our Sci-Fi thinking mitigates risk, lowers training costs, and inspires learners? Give us a call and let’s geek out!


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