My Retail Training: A New Home for Your Training

The beginning of March was going to mark the roll-out of our BRAND-NEW learning environment, My Retail Training. Like everything we do, we put 110% into this project and were excited to see it finally live and in action. Then things took a turn for the world. So, we adjusted our timeline in hopes to better serve vendors and retailers during this difficult time.

During this month’s events, our team experienced a drastic shift to remote working. However, some organizations weren’t as lucky as us. Retailers around the globe have had to close their doors for the time being or limit their hours. Now more than ever, we hope My Retail Training can help product vendors and retail sales associates in North America connect while staying safe at home.

What is My Retail Training?

My Retail Training is an online learning environment where vendors can connect under one “roof” to reach employees of affiliate brands and new retail sales associates. Here, learners are incentivized and rewarded for taking training. They can also experience all other benefits of a HALIGHT-designed learning management system, including cutting-edge custom training modules from some of our current vendors. All manufacturers and service providers are welcome to present their training here. Now, HALIGHT has an exciting opportunity for our official launch!

What You Get

Until June 30th, all organizations with a retail presence are invited to join My Retail Training for FREE! This paid subscription service will be waived during this time to help organizations connect, inspire, and engage their retail sales associates while reaching learners they never would have before.

Already have training content? We can help you reach a target audience within the platform. Sweepstakes, contests, and other achievements can help drive traffic on your training content.

No training? No worries! You can simply share this experience with your retail sales associates and give them access to significant training resources, information through our community feed, and Q&A features. Also, HALIGHT can help you create custom training modules to suit your brand’s unique voice and vision.

Stay connected and inspired – even at home! My Retail Training is our way of giving your brand a home away from home. Find out more on our website or schedule a demo!


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