Motivating eLearners to Propel Them Forward

Motivation is what inspires learners to seek out new eLearning content, explore it, and engage with it in a way that is beneficial to their understanding of the material. Developers and Instructional Designers are responsible for creating eLearning content that is both immersive and informative. By doing so, they pique learners’ interest and ensure that they are absorbing, processing, and retaining vital information that will help enhance their overall work performance in the long run.  

Three ways that content writers and course developers can generate momentum among online learners are by capturing their attention, deepening their satisfaction, and increasing their confidence throughout the learning process.  

Capturing Attention

It is common knowledge that humans are visual beings. Learners tend to gravitate towards eLearning content that is aesthetically pleasing. When they are presented with new material, they immediately assess its format and imagery to determine whether they have any interest in committing themselves to it: 

  • Developers should utilize imagery that draws learners to the eLearning content and is relevant to the subject matter being explored. It is also important that they incorporate a diverse range of imagery to avoid boredom and repetition. Also, they should consider implementing graphics that are colourful, vibrant, and stimulating.  
  • Another way to capture learners’ attention and secure interest is by implementing interactive components. These components require learners to actively participate in the learning process. When they can explore the content, users feel more connected to the material and have an increased desire to carefully explore it. Diverse interactive components like click-and-sees, flip cards, and hotspots keep them mentally alert and add more versatility to the course.  
  • Multimedia components are another excellent way to draw learners’ attention and to keep them motivated while learning. Developers can incorporate animations, podcasts, and videos to make eLearning content more riveting and ultimately, more engaging.  

Deepening Satisfaction

Personal satisfaction is a key motivating factor for learners. The more ‘rewarded’ that they feel for their efforts, the more knowledge learners are likely to retain. A simple way to deepen satisfaction is by adding badges and ranks to eLearning content. These elements give learners the incentive to stay focused on the material so that they can accrue more rewards and essentially, more proficiency.  

Increasing Confidence

When a learner feels confident in their ability to absorb the content and reach their personal goals, they are more likely to stay motivated during the learning process. Similarly, if they feel like their goals are unattainable or that the material is too complex, they will quickly lose interest and motivation due to boredom and/or frustration. To avoid this outcome, content writers and developers need to build online trainings that are fulfilling and illuminating – without being too visually overbearing or wordy.   

A significant way to motivate learners to be more confident in their goals is to establish clear-cut and straightforward expectations of success. By including course objectives that identify learning outcomes and provide an indication of how long it should take to complete a training, learners will know what to expect and they will be more confident about the direction they are heading.  

Motivation Fuels Momentum

Every individual is naturally driven by an inherent desire to learn. This desire is what sparks their motivation to seek out information, and to engage with content that will propel them forward in their career paths. When eLearning content activates learners’ motivation to learn by capturing their attention, deepening their satisfaction, and increasing their confidence levels, it fuels the momentum that they need to get started on the path to success. The end result? Happier employees with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and skills that help their businesses grow.


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