The NEW Micro eLearning: Updates & Features

Updates and Features to Get Excited About!

Micro training is a compact method of training that is focused on delivering quick, digestible segments of relevant information. This type of training is designed to last roughly 3 minutes or less and can easily integrate into a larger curriculum. HALIGHT has made some exciting updates and changes to our micro eLearning. Check them out below!

Scrollable Feature

Now, you can get mobile-ready micro-content that works seamlessly on PC or mobile applications. Simply scroll down the page instead of clicking through multiple pages of content. Scroll functionality increases mobile responsiveness, meaning users accessing the training on their mobile devices can use the training more intuitively.

Additionally, with fewer page load times, learners get faster access to key content and features. Not to mention, the content feels less like a click-based exercise program! By decreasing the amount of time to access the content, these micro modules are even more suited for the sales floor. For instance, Sales Reps can use these as a visually pleasing sales aid to close a transaction alongside their customer or as a just-in-time training moment to help them complete a task. The layout can also connect related content visually for a more dynamic and seamless flow of information.

More Focused Course Objectives

Get to the point! A singular, specific course objective works best for micro training. With a limited seat time, it’s better to make one clear, strong point than to cram more content in one course. The learner benefits from better understanding the intended outcome of the course. Likewise, the content is focused on that specific point instead of adding distracting, unrelated information.

Also, by focusing on one specific product or feature, this kind of training can add more details without becoming too overwhelming, like in larger training modules. This singular objective is also a contributing factor to the short “seat time” of the course, meaning your employees can learn all about a new product or feature without spending an extended amount of time training.  Also, more targeted content means that sales associates don’t need to search through a course to review key details. This increases microlearning use as an ongoing resource on the job.

To learn more about micro training and its benefits in real life, check out this blog or request a demo here!


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