Incentives to Develop Exceptional Employees

There are two broad benefits that HALIGHT uses incentives for: motivating employees and/or rewarding excellent performance. Often these go together – rewarding great behaviours clearly demonstrates to employees that hard work does, in fact, pay off, thereby motivating them to achieve more. When hard work goes unnoticed, employees are less motivated to participate. But when incentivized, the same employees can demonstrate a much more outstanding work ethic.  So, what exactly are incentives and how do they motivate and reward learners?

Incentives that Speak to Learners

According to The Balance Careers, there are four broad ways that employers can incentivize employees. Out of these incentive types, “A personal note of praise from the manager is an employee favorite.” When praising these exceptional employees, rewards are often used as well. The combination of praise and reward solidifies exactly what the employer is looking for and encourages that behaviour.

If most of your training lives in an LMS, consider the reward incentives HALIGHT offers for eLearning. You can customize your learning solutions to encourage employee excellence. For example, learners can earn badges and certificates upon completion of one or a series of courses. These rewards provide a visual representation of what the learner has achieved. The more they have under their belt, the more accomplished your employees will feel. When training seems to pay off to the individual, they are far more likely to actively participate.

When these rewards come with praise from a supervisor, they add even more value to the learner. Sometimes mandatory learning can seem like an unfulfilling chore when gone unnoticed. In this case, praise and rewards can show the employee that their efforts are valued by their supervisor directly. In the case of non-mandatory courses, employees may not see the value of accomplishing more than their peers. This changes when supervisors reward them for their efforts and the employee can see a reaction to their hard work. This reward system can better develop highly motivated employees and show monitoring supervisors which employees are showing exceptional progress.

Effective Incentivized eLearning

Implementing these rewards incentives correctly is essential. If you are interested in recognizing employee excellence, The Balance Careers has identified several ways to create effective recognition programs. These include:

  • Make everyone eligible
  • Define criteria clearly
  • Give equal opportunity
  • Be timely
  • Set objective standards

By setting out strict criteria that is open to all employees, everyone has a clear understanding of what to do and has the same opportunity to do it. This clearly demonstrates an unbiased and goal-oriented curriculum.

When using incentivized solutions from HALIGHT, you will meet all five criteria to ensure an effective reward system. We offer incentives with clearly outlined goals that are automatically monitored. Clear deadlines and curriculum goals diminish any chance of bias within the reward system. When using incentives like badges and certifications, learners have a direct goal they hope to achieve. These goals firmly demonstrate improvement in performance or learned knowledge when accomplished.

When working with an LMS, let us help you run and host incentive-based programs that bring your learners to new limits. Give us a call today to get the conversation going!


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