HALIGHT Year in Review: Building on Our Successes

What a year 2019 has been! It’s time to break down some highlights from the year, learn from our successes, and move towards even more growth in the New Year. Over the course of 2019, here are just some of the remarkable memories we’ve made.

Exciting New Products

Connected Classroom

Bring interactivity into the classroom with connected experiences. Complement existing ILT classrooms with connected, modern experiences. Give instructors the ability to publish presentations, push activities and games to employees in real-time, view and launch supporting classroom resources, view connection status, and assign credit. Use digital enhancements to support existing ILT practices, so your learners and instructors get the best out of the experience.

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Virtual Environments

Immerse yourself in the story. Bring your learning material to life in an intuitive and engaging virtual environment where users can explore maps and fulfill their destiny. Travel through the virtual world and complete missions. The more completed learning conquests, the more points the user can use to redeem rewards or climb leaderboards. Gamification and incentivized training works. Let’s see what it can do for your projects.

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2019 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List

This year, Training Industry Inc. recognized HALIGHT on its 2019 Learning Portal/LMS Companies Watch List. This list recognizes organizations for using advanced strategies to enhance learner interactions within the platform and for a better understanding of learner data.

WEtech Tech Company of the Year 2019

HALIGHT won the WEtech Tech Company of the Year 2019. This award recognizes business leadership and excellence in technology and a commitment to the knowledge-based sector in the Windsor-Essex region, among other things. We are proud to be a part of such an ambitious community.

Editor’s Choice: Blogs

Let Me Do It

Based on our design philosophy of “Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Do,” this blog illustrates just what effect the first-hand experience has on a learner, and why we feel it is imperative to the design of new training.

A Quick Fix For the Daily Grind

Sometimes we want the new “it” thing, but other times, the best solution is a cost-effective, reliable training solution that is consistent with the methods you’ve used before. This blog demonstrates how we can do just that.

Cutting the Costs of Seasonal Training

For the holidays, you hire seasonal employees, but customers still expect outstanding customer service to make a purchasing decision. Here we discuss the magic of training and how you can develop strong seasonal employees with the limited time available.

HALIGHT on the Road

We take every opportunity to meet new and visit current clients. Not only do we get to connect with the amazing people we work with, but we also get to explore lots of cool places. If you’re attending an event that we’ll be at, reach out to our team to meet us! Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date!

AT & T Stadium — Dallas, TX

Visiting clients at their annual conference in a much warmer climate. Thankful for the opportunity to see familiar faces and see some cool places!

Golden Gate Bridge — San Francisco, CA

Visiting clients and being tourists while we’re at it! Here are some of our more recognizable faces of HALIGHT.

DevLearn 2019 — Las Vegas, NV

A couple of our CSMs at DevLearn 2019. Learning lots in Las Vegas!

CES 2019 — Las Vegas, NV

It’s not always fun and games… but sometimes it is! More fun in Las Vegas with our Sales Team. Come see us next year at CES 2020! Party hats are optional (but strongly encouraged).

Our Story: Holidays at HALIGHT

Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas party is always full of food, games, and exciting announcements. And, each Mini-HALIGHTer gets a surprise present! Check out this tiny tot with his eyes all aglow! Family is the heart of HALIGHT, and that doesn’t change as we grow.


We hosted a spooktacular Costume Contest which brought out the best (and worst) in our creativity. We really got into it!


For the first time in HALIGHT history, we celebrated Diwali with traditional food and garments. Members of our team hosted a presentation to educate others on what the Festival of Lights means to people in different parts of the world. What an en-LIGHT-ening experience!

Canada Day

Wearing red and white loud and proud! This snapshot is a benchmark of how much we’ve grown even since July! Our Canadian roots are growing, and we’re very excited to re-create this photo with an even larger team next year!

Thank you to our clients and colleagues for being an invaluable part of this year and making memories with us along the way. We look forward to excelling in the New Year with new projects, visions, and faces to meet! To begin planning for a great 2020, talk to us today and we’ll help you reach your New Years’ goals.


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