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HALIGHT Halftime!

It’s the halftime of 2020! This time is a good checkpoint for almost everyone to take a deep breath and reflect on their progress so far. To welcome in June, let’s recap what HALIGHT’s done so far in the year to better ourselves and other organizations!  

Responding to a Crisis

2020 hasn’t turned out quite like anyone planned. COVID-19 developments have changed almost every facet of life globally. To focus on the positives, we’ve seen a ton of innovative new products, services, and technologies come out as a direct result of social distancing. Organizations around the world have shifted to remote working, delivery and takeout options, streaming services, and other methods that allow them to work in compliance with their region’s health and safety guidelines. Now more than ever, we realize how lucky we had been to see smiling faces in our offices every day and to host events that uplift and educate our employees.  

On the good side, we’ve had ample time to build up our interior decorating skills and razzle-dazzle our home offices. Some of us have awesome workspaces…

… even awesomer décor pieces…

For when you’re running late to work.

… and best yet, awesome office companions!  

Helping Others Improve WFH Involvement

While we respond in our own ways to the COVID-19 events, we’ve also helped our clients boost morale and stay connected to their employees through learning and development strategies. In this first half of the year, we’ve launched a few products that can help organizations thrive through these changes.  

My Retail Training  

My Retail Training is your new home for training. Want to host your training content on a premium Learning Management System (LMS)? Promote your content to reach a wider range of employees from other organizations? Incentivize and reward learners? Check out My Retail Training here! Try it for free until June 30th!  

Training Tip Tuesdays by HALIGHT!  

At HALIGHT, we like to educate and learn from our client-partners beyond a project lifetime. We collaborate with our clients all year round to think of new ways they can build on their current successes in learning and development. Now, we are sharing our expertise to everyone on our Instagram with #TrainingTipTuesday. Find bite-sized facts that you can use in combination with your current strategies to add flavour, increase learner retention, and reduce cognitive overload.  

One of HALIGHT’s #TrainingTipTuesday posts on Instagram.

Bringing a little bit of us to you.  

We launched our long-awaited podcast earlier this year. Hosted by our very own Daniel Mendonca and Scott Babcock, you can learn all about new trends, have your questions answered Q&A-style, hear insights into the learning and development process, and more! You can stream If You Built It, Will They Learn? on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube to get all the latest updates and notifications on new episodes! 

In-Office Shenanigans  

Before our transition to remote working, we still got to enjoy a couple of events to spark some fun in the office and contribute to local charities. In March, we celebrated Hats on for Health Care Day, a local initiative to raise funds and support for the Critical Care Program at Windsor Regional Hospital. These funds went towards the purchase of equipment like Trilogy Ventilators, MRI-compatible ventilators, and CRRT machines. These local fundraising programs are important for supporting our home city, especially now. We’re excited for the next time we can get together to see these smiling faces!  

HALIGHTers repping their hats for Hats on for Health Care Day, Windsor.

And that’s a wrap on HALIGHT halftime! We’re hoping you have similar success stories for this first half of the year. For any help developing new projects or incorporating digital strategies into your employee training, request a demo to see what we do!  


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