Best Buy Wins Outstanding Training Initiatives Award for GRAVITY

The GRAVITY we’re featuring is not the force that exists among all material objects in the universe, but rather, as their clever slogan suggests, “the app that attracts.” The app that launched less than a year ago has drawn more than just 2-million+ scans; it has attracted a MASSive award:

Training magazine named Best Buy the recipient of the astronomical Outstanding Training Initiatives award for their work regarding GRAVITY. This is the third time in fifteen years they’ve won this award.

What is GRAVITY?

GRAVITY, is HALIGHT’s Learning Management companion application. It allows Best Buy sales associates to train anywhere, anytime by enabling them to scan products from their mobile devices, instantaneously materializing all the tools they need to help educate themselves on a product or to help ‘close the deal.’ This integration process gathers all pertinent details on a product, such as; training, reviews, warranty information, video demonstrations, selling tools, and FAQs – just to name a few. The concentration of all this data on a product allows employees to access valuable information when selling a product quickly.

If you’ve done your research, or even if you haven’t, we’re here to inform you that digital education is leading the way with Millennial employees – we would know, 80% of HALIGHTs workforce is comprised of Millennial employees. Integrating your company’s internal information system is a natural progression from current learning development advancements such as mobile-friendly eLearnings. There’s a gravitational pull towards a hyperconnected working world where employees can scan, share,  and learn instantly from fingertips and we see no reason not to appease them. Staying relevant is the name of the game, and it’s the only way to stay grounded.


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