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4 Ways to Choose Your Own eLearning Adventure

Grab your rucksack – we’re going on an adventure! Learning platforms and eLearning give employees creative new ways to get involved and design their own learning adventure. Empowering learners to choose their own adventure gives them more accountability for their own training progress. Read on to discover new ways learners can discover a world of training in their own way!  

Self-Paced Learning  

Self-paced learning empowers learners to lead their own expeditions in their own time. For example, employees can fit training into their schedule however works best for them. It also gives them more flexibility in choosing what kind of training material they want to cover in that time. In this way, users design and conquer their own learning journey. HALIGHT’s training and development strategies encourage individual exploration of learning. Our training materials and assessment strategies are designed to give learners the time they need to fully learn and retain new information. Choosing your own adventure starts with taking control of the wheel and finding a pace that works best for you.  

Blended Learning  

Every good adventure features a variety of interesting sights, sounds, and tactile missions. Likewise, you can use videos, interactivities, text-based material, and more in combination for a versatile training approach. Because everyone has their own learning preferences, blended learning ensures everyone gets something that speaks more profoundly to the way they want to learn. Offering a suite of these different formats gives employees a chance to explore new ways of learning and uncover the secret to their learning success. Get creative and use a mix of materials in your learning modules. Or present quick tips in a variety of formats learners can choose from that works best for them.  

Design Your Own Career Adventure

Navigate your career journey on the learning platform! HALIGHT’s own Atmosphere LMS has tools to empower employees to make their own choices in their individual career paths. Offering elective training gives employees more choice in what content they learn about. They may uncover a secret gem of interest they didn’t know they had! Built-in learning paths empower employees to choose their own career adventure. It’s also flexible to fit their individual interests within that journey.  

Gamification & Rewards  

What’s your quest? Are you looking to find the mountain of gold on Treasure Island? Seek out the mermaids of Neverland? Unlock the formula to the Sorcerer’s Stone? Gamification and incentives can motivate and engage learners in awesome ways! For example, you can set milestones for users to achieve and earn badges. You can also create missions that users can work through to achieve a series of goals. The best part is these gamified rewards are fully incentive based and optional. The better they do, the more points they can earn, and the more prizes they can redeem!  

Set your sights on all-new adventures to motivate and engage learners. Find out how HALIGHT can help you design and implement creative training approaches on your learning platform today!  


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