2020 Year in Review: Adapting to Change

It’s a wrap! 2020 was many things, and an opportunity to change is one of them. For many people around the world, this year challenged our resilience, questioned our motivation, and tasked us with adapting to rapid change. As with all change, there were highs and lows. We want to honour the ways our team and our clients have adapted with innovation despite the hardships. To do that, we want to celebrate the ways HALIGHT has accomplished new goals and responded to global events.

This is also a great opportunity to say a genuine thank you to our robust staff and clientele. Without everyone’s individual commitment to resilience, adapting to change would have looked a lot different this year. Despite the uncertainty, the transitions, and even the quarantining, we are proud to say that the people at HALIGHT made it a successful year.

Building Our Relationships

Throughout 2020, HALIGHT continued to build on our long-standing relationships with existing clients. New bonds also formed with amazing new partners. Having an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs proved more important than ever as we navigated change together. We’re excited to see where 2021 takes us all!

New Releases & Products

In many ways, this year rapidly changed how organizations approached their learning and development strategies. More and more saw the benefits and value in eLearning, virtual conferences, and digital ways to stay connected. Here are some of the ways we adapted to the way the world, technology, and training development has changed in the past year.  

Our Podcast

If you Build It, Will They Learn? is our place to have the important conversations on the things we love. If you’re interested in effective training solutions or want to know how you can amp up your learning strategies, this could be the podcast for you. Liven up your work from home experience and fill in the lull between Zoom meetings with our hosts, Daniel Mendonca and Scott Babcock.

My Retail Training

My Retail Training is an LMS available for Retail Associates to learn more about products and the business of sales. The benefits? Subscribers and the employees in their organization will have access to a wide array of training content from other organizations, including exclusive My Retail Training eLearning. Feature your content on My Retail Training to extend your reach to Sales Associates across an extensive list of organizations.

Terra Events

Terra Events is a rich event platform that engages employees with incentives, networking opportunities, and vendor support in a live or virtual setting. This year, we saw a huge transition to exclusively virtual conferences to engage members of an organization while ensuring everyone’s health and safety was the top priority. We met the challenge of delivering an online learning and networking experience that met the needs of any live conference. Terra Events is the solution.

Editor’s Choice: Blogs

Product Icon
Our Origins Story

Every hero has an origins story – HALIGHT does too! In this blog we answer the age-old question, “What’s in a name?” Let us re-introduce ourselves to you.

Product Icon
Re-Inventing Work from Home Training

In times of change, HALIGHT responds with flexible and custom digital training solutions. This blog covers some ways organizations can navigate work from home learning strategies.

Product Icon
Science Fiction or Reality?

Innovative training is the name of the game. Read this blog to find out how the science fiction of today is becoming a reality.

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The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is an effective way to engage your learners and help them remember key ideas. In this blog we discuss some ways HALIGHT achieves storytelling in our interactive training.

HALIGHT on the Road

Discovering the Latest and Greatest

CES is always a highlight of every year as our team explores the newest tech and engages with new and existing partners.

Taking a Load off at Magic Kingdom

Vising clients sometimes takes us to amazing locations. This year, our team got to hang with Goofy, Donald Duck, and some of our other heroes.

Celebrating Together

It’s been almost a year of working from home… almost! Once upon a time we DID have fun together in our office. Not only that, but we also successfully achieved our first socially distanced outdoor gathering – COVID style. Look at the fun we had!

Hats on for Healthcare

In support of our local health services at the Windsor Regional Hospital, we put our heads (and hats) together to raise funds for the Critical Care Program.

Outdoor Celebrations

This summer, we got together for our first COVID-style event! There’s been a lot of firsts this year, and this was one of them! With a food truck from Smashed Apple Catering, our staff got together (with masks!) to catch up, chill out, and reunite as a team.

Let’s Keep in Touch

Now more than ever, social media and virtual environments are our way of staying connected. Stay up to date on new launches, ask us your burning questions, or just say a friendly hello to us over on our socials! We’ll “see” you all in the New Year. Happy holidays and let’s make 2021 rock!

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